Yorkville Community School is proud to announce our development of the following partnerships with a variety of community organizations.

Arts Connection

ArtsConnection is:

  • In-school residencies in music and movement
  • Collaborations between classroom teachers and teaching artists
  • Sharing student work
  • Professional performances
  • Professional development for classroom teachers, teaching artists and arts specialists

92nd Street Y: In- School Music Theory and 4 Concert Series at the Y

The 92nd Street Y is about people. The people of New York City and the surrounding area. The people of the United States and of the world. It's about people who entertain and challenge, inform and educate. It's about people who learn and discover, observe and participate.

Asphalt Green

Asphalt Green will be providing our school with our Physical Education Partnership (PEP) program. The program increases physical activity, promotes positive social behavior, and builds a foundation of sports-specific skills. PEP activities fall under two categories:

Age-appropriate games
Throughout the year, AG will lead your children in fun, inclusive games that are easy to play both in and out of school. In addition to getting kids active, the games are also the perfect setting to teach kids how to share, cooperate, and resolve conflicts.

Sports-based skill-building activities
Interjected into the core curriculum of games will be a series of 2 – 6 week blocks that will focus on building sports-specific skills. Students will engage in a variety of fun activities that will develop the movement, ball control, kicking and throwing skills associated with major sports such as soccer, baseball/softball, and basketball.

NYC Chess
NYC Chess will provide in school chess lessons and strategy building to our students.

New York City Chess Inc. started as a vision to promote chess in NYC. Several players met consistently on 112th and Broadway to enjoy chess, conversation, and community. From there we began to organize and see an opportunity to bring people together through chess. We ran tournaments, offered lessons, and developed merchandise that represented our vision. Chess is a perfect combination of body, mind, and soul! People of all races, ages, genders, and social status can sit across the 64 squares and be perfect equals. This concept epitomizes life in New York City .