How many students will be in the school?
We are opening the school with 4 Kindergarten classes of 25 for a total of 100 youngsters. One class has been designated Integrated Team Teaching (previously known as Collaborated Team Teaching) and will serve 10 students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for services within the general education setting. Samantha taught in a CTT classroom and is delighted to have this opportunity to serve children in an inclusive setting.

There is no play-yard, how will students engage in physical activity?
We will have a multipurpose room where movement classes will take place. We also are planning many experiential learning activities that will take students out into the neighborhood and to the local greenspaces such as Carl Schurz Park and Bennet Playground.

Given that you only have 4 classrooms, how will art and music happen?
Cluster classes will take place in the classrooms
or in the multipurpose room depending on the unit / project.. We intend for Art and Music to be fully integrated into our academic curricula.

How will you ease kids (and parents) into school?
The first two days of school will be half-days. We will welcome parents to bring children to the classrooms the first few days. We have already schedule funds to buy lots of Kleenex - more for the grown ups than the kids. We will also schedule a few family orientation play dates before the beginning of the year.