Dear Families,

Welcome to P.S. 151, your new neighborhood school! It is truly a privilege to share this long-awaited opening with you. We know how excited you are and I feel honored to be chosen to begin this exciting journey with the families of PS151. Opening this school is an amazing opportunity and I take on this special responsibility with great enthusiasm. I know how important it is to have a community school that you can call home.

From the moment the hopes of reopening P.S. 151 on the Upper East Side became a reality, my vision for a school quickly took shape. Our neighborhood school will be collaborative community of active thinkers who we are preparing to be leaders of the 21st century. Our students will graduate with the necessary tools to communicate well, analyze situations, and access information through various modes. Our commitment to a child-centered, engaging education ensures that every student achieves high academic standards; meet and exceed their own personal goals; and realize social success. We will attain this goal by providing our diverse student body with the strategies to take responsibility for their learning by continuously engaging them in challenging and creative learning experiences. Our students will sustain a sense of curiosity that is nurtured via a rigorous curriculum that incorporates a neighborhood that is abundant with historic landmarks, cultural institutions, and parks that will provide authentic learning experiences. On any given day, you will see our students actively engaged in discovery in our neighborhood parks, museums, local restaurants and small businesses. During these units of study, students will be active observers, scientists, writers, architects, and artists. Our students will be those future individuals who push the boundaries of human experience.

We are honored that you are entrusting your children to us and are excited to collaborate with you in the educational journey your children have ahead of them. As student, teacher and administrator, I take great pride in the myriad of successes the New York City Public School system has afforded me. As such, I am well-positioned to ensure that your children will benefit from all that it has to offer.

More information will follow regarding our school and future Family Orientations.
I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you!

With respect,
Samantha Kaplan