We are grateful for so many parents and community members who are committed to the success of our school. Below please find some items that we dearly wish for. The more items we get donated, the more money we can save from our budget to increase the number of "grown-ups" in classrooms. Since we want all four of our classrooms to be consistent, we would greatly appreciate 4 sets of each item. We will provide a link to the actual items we desire. Thank you for your generosity.

General Supplies

Puzzles & Accessories

Smart Boards

Student Laptops - sets of 25 would be amazing!

And of course!
Books ... books ... books ... list to come!
We hope to hold a Barnes & Noble's Book Fair in the early fall. Folks who can liaise with B&N to organize, please let Samantha know!

We need energetic parents to help us develop partnerships with organizations who will supplement / enrich our learning experiences. Some organizations we believe will add value to our school:
- AfterSchool Programs - liaise with PS6 or PS183 parents to learn how
they organize / fund afterschool activities.
- Turtle Bay Music School
- Salvadori Center
- Studio Arts programs
- MoMA educators & student programs