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For more information and questions, please email Samantha Kaplan, School Leader at

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You must have your child with you when registering them.

Proof of Address: must be dated within 60 days of pre-registration date.
Please bring any TWO of the below:
 Residential utility bill in the resident’s name (e.g.: electric/gas bill issued by Keyspan (National Grid), Con Edison or
the Long Island Power Authority – Rockaways)
 Federal, state or local government agency document on letterhead (e.g.: IRS, City Housing Authority,
Administration for Child Services or an ACS subcontractor indicating the resident’s name and address)

rOriginal lease, deed, or mortgage statement rProperty tax bill
rOfficial payroll documentation (e.g.: tax form/receipt) rWater bill
Proof of Birth Date:
Please bring any ONE of the below:

rBirth Certificate rPassport

Enrollment staff will meet with family, review and make copies of the documents (proof of birth, proof of address and proof of immunization.) If required documents are presented by the family the students will be placed on register in ATS and a student ID number generated.

The collected documents and a copy of the ATS Biographical Screen will be provided to Ms. Kaplan, Principal.

Please call the Borough Enrollment Office at (212) 356-3700 with any questions.